Friday, September 19, 2014

For the silver lining

After the terrible bout of food poisoning I got from Rodeo Jack last night, a little pampering was in order. The Ivotel Spa fit the bill, and the facial made me feel like I'd left Abidjan...


  1. Hello! Just found your blog, and I love it. I'm currently living in Accra but am traveling to Abidjan this weekend. I have such a better idea of what to check out now!

    I know this is short notice, but do you know of any safe, cheap hotels where a friend could stay on Saturday? She's also an American, and another friend and I unfortunately had our flights changed, so she's trying to figure out what to do on Saturday.

    Thanks for any advice you might have!

  2. Hello there,

    I wonder if you can help...

    I'm looking to commission a writer to put together a Abidjan MOVE Guide. This is a paid commission.

    We're a cloud-based relocation service in London offering one-stop assistance in international moves, including hyperlocal city guides, which I manage.

    Is this something you would be interested in discussing further?

    Please contact if so...

    Thanks, Ben

  3. Hey Dynamite,
    Sorry, I never stayed in hotels in Abidjan, so I know nothing about them. The only thing I can say is that the American expat network is small here. Try to find someone you know -- they may have a couch for you.


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